Hi! My name is Marcos Soriano; I am a PhD student in sports science and a sports lover. All my life I have been linked to a sporty life where soccer, rugby, wrestling or weightlifting crossed the path with me. Eventually, I found my place, the place to be, in the fitness industry. 


I had the great pleasure to live the experience of working internationally as a personal trainer for the prestigious Fitness First Middle East company, in Doha (Qatar). After that, I invested two years working for the gold standard of sports clubs in Spain, Reebok Sports Club (Madrid). Throughout my professional experience to date, I have published scientific manuscripts on sports training and fitness topics, I have developed training methods for studio/boutique gyms, I have worked as a reviewer in scientific journals and sports institutes, also I have conducted master classes for universities, National and European congresses. However, above all, I have kept up with the same illusion, motivation and love for training and fitness that for the first time.


The fitness industry is fascinating. It is profoundly changing, every day there are new trends and current activities which are equally comparable to the culinary world. Variety is the spice of life, that is true. However, What about quality?

I have been in numerous training centres, either as a client or as a fitness professional through my professional career. I have tested a wide range of sports centres, from the typical neighbour gym to the revolutionary boutique training centres. Each concept has a different meaning and a unique vision, what is entirely different from the others.  However, all have the same common objective, to meet the needs demanded by the customer. Yes, you are the core of everything! Don´t forget that!

Attention, dynamism, professional treatment or effectivity in the results, are necessary attributes to our customer experience and quality perception. Unfortunately, there is no quality standard set in the fitness industry as the quality measure comparable to MICHELIN stars in hospitality. Then, choosing the right option for your new fitness centre, your new home of training, is difficult. Therefore, I want to help you with that. I will serve you with my knowledge and professional experience to value the quality of service and the final product that the revolutionary fitness concepts are offering. Eventually, you will be sure that you are choosing the right option!

My objective

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